Young black Oxford law student dies in police custody after “falling ill”

Law student

Nuno Cardoso, 25 year old black law student has died in police custody. The young man died after falling ill after his arrest. The officers described it as a “medical episode”. Nuno’s family say he had no known health conditions. The estate in Kentish Town where he was brought up held a vigil in his memory on Friday night.

Thames Valley Police said: in the early hours of November 24 Nuno was arrested on suspicion of assault but suffered a medical episode en route to the police station. He was treated by the side of the road before being taken to hospital, where he died. 


The family are now waiting to hear more about the circumstances. “We are part of this community. We have lived here for so long, we feel British,” said Mrs Cardoso. “I want to help this country. I don’t want the police to exclude us.”

Nuno’s uncle Gaspar said: “The young black community feel marginalised. They do not feel anything can help them, and so they drift. If you go to Harlesden, for example, there are some black people that have never been to central London. If they do go, all the security people will be focused on them. Young people are afraid to leave their communities. And so they want to manifest themselves. They want to protest.”

Summer ’17

Over the summer there were four deaths in police custody and the shooting of Sharif Cousions. Cousins an ex gang member tunrned charity founder working to tackle gang culture in Birmingham was left in critical condition after police shot him. Edson Da Costa and Rashan Charles died after becoming ill. It would seem as if the stories were copied and pasted and now once again. What does it mean to fall ill in police custody? No known medical conditions yet only after coming into contact with the police are young black men dying, being shot or hospitalised like in the Cass of Terrell Decosta Jones-burton. Terrell, 15, was tackled into the doorway of a chicken shop leaving him with serious facial injuries and bruising to the brain. 

What next for the British Black community?