Saudi Arabia comes out of the “Dark Ages” for its women

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Dark Ages 

The women of Saudi Arabia have not been allowed to drive. Recently, Saudi Arabia has passed a law that shook the world to it’s core. After years of living in the “Dark Ages”, women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to drive. That’s right, you heard it correctly-women in Saudi Arabia are now able to operate a vehicle. Shocking? Depends on who you ask. Surprising? Well, yes. It’s definitely surprising to anyone who lives in the 21st century. Scandalous? Again, depends on who you ask.
So how did Saudi Arabia lift up their veil of misogyny and somehow travel through a time portal from the Dark Ages to the 21st century? Here is how.


A committee took the decision to finally allow women to drive and the law will be in effect as of June 2018. However, bear in mind there was a reason why they finally decided to do so-a method behind their madness, if you will. Saudi Arabia had decided to lift this ban because they finally became aware of the international damage it has caused on their reputation as a Kingdom. Remember that ‘veil of misogyny’ mentioned earlier? Well, there you go. Here is another reason why that seems more plausible.


They hope to help their economy as women will now be able to have more efficient access to their jobs. So, as if, the monarch isn’t already filthy rich from gaining millions of dollars from Americans who hate them but need their oil for gas, they want women to help garner them more money. But, I digress. However, this just highlights the fact that the ‘veil of misogyny’ wasn’t lifted because they thought “hey, let’s treat women equally” but rather “hey, let’s allow them to drive so they can actively participate in the workforce and boost our already thriving economy.” I’m disappointed but not surprised, and so is the rest of the world as memes have been created and passed around the internet to document reactions on this significant change in history.
Speaking of history, let’s explore the reason as to why there was a ban in the first place.


Reason #1: “It’s simply inappropriate for women to drive.”

Remember when I asked if this news is scandalous and it depends on who you ask? Well you’re asking highly conservative families and some members of the royal party.

Reason #2: “Male drivers will not know how to handle a women in a car next to them.”
Oh, what do you mean “handle”? Just follow the traffic laws and regulations. If you find yourself at a stop light and turn your head and discover a woman driving next to you, then remember the Islamic rule and “lower your gaze.”

Reason #3: “If women, drive this will cause them to sin and commit adultery, and commit other sins!”

Reason #4: “Driving will cause harm to women’s ovaries/ when a woman drives she will feel bumps in the rode which will cause sexual stimulation and that is a big fat no-no!”

It’s clear that men in Saudi Arabia don’t know how to view a women other than “weak”, “sexual”, and a piece of “property”.


Let me clarify, that I am not attacking Islam. It is widely known that Saudi Arabia is strictly governed by Sharia Law. However, Islamic laws do entail women’s rights. Something, which for some reason, Saudi Arabia chooses to either ignore or distort.
Let me also clarify, it is easy being an outsider and judging a society whose laws are different to that of our own, (though, I feel it is justified in this case). That being said, remember when I asked if this is shocking? Well, it’s important to get a better understanding of Islam before jumping to conclusions. Remember, a lack of human rights and an increase in violation is mostly due to cultural practices, not religious.


By Anika Shakir