“Africans are the worst when it comes to money”: Two Halfords employees are sacked after racist abuse.


Halfords, EssexTwo Halfords employees have been asked after the pair left racist abuse on a customer’s voicemail after calling him to confirm a booking but forgetting to hang up.

They continued to have an opinionated conversation about how they had a ‘problem with Africans’.

The victim, a 20-year-old economics student ‘listened in disbelief’ as the pair said: ‘Something for nothing is all they want, those people.’ The female staff member added: ‘My boyfriend, he hates them African people, they are the worst when it comes to money.’

A spokesman for Halfords Autocentres said: ‘We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racist behaviour and both colleagues were suspended pending investigation.

Following a hearing one was dismissed from Halfords Autocentre in Grays, Essex and the other resigned prior to being dismissed.