Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House


A new political expose is causing tension within the White House. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House written by Mike Wolff. Michael Wolff is described as an outstanding journalist who peruses truth at all costs.

The book details the 2016 Presidential campaign. According to sources Trump gave permission to Wolff to access the campaign and question his staff. However, since the release of the book Trump has stated that he had no recollection of such conversation giving Wolff access.


The book is causing a bit of friction between current members of government as some are quoted in the book. Those quoted say quite negative things about Trump. One example is of ex-political advisor Steve Bannon who said he did not believe Trump should be president. Bannon goes on to say that the meeting that occurred in Trump Towers with the Russians was “treasonous.” The book detailed further how even Trump and his wife did not really want to win the presidency. So much so that when Trump was announced president Melenia cried, not tears of joy.

Wolff said he spoke to over 200 aids, staffers in the white house and they all agreed that Trump is a child, impulsive and does not like to read things. Especially policies, which Wolff claimed Trump does not like to delve to deeply into.


Yet the biggest shock is that people were shocked by the findings. These claims were made in the run up to the election and was widely discussing on news channels and opinion pieces. To those in political circles this is nothing they did not already know. The biggest backlash came from the White House.

Trump did remain the most offended by the details in the book, hitting back hard at Wolff by tweeting, that he is “stable genius” and holding a press conference claiming the book is “scandalous”. Also calling Bannon “sloppy Steve” for his comments in the book. Trump has attempted to sue Bannon for his comments.  Bannon has come back to retract his statements saying that it was taken out of context and that he still supports the President.

What can be said about this book is that it confirmed what many knew and leads us to question what it would take for Trump to lose the presidency?

By Leonie