EU Migrants: One world government agenda


Conflict in middle east orchestrated by US and UK (NATO) are forcing large numbers of people to leave and consequently they have ended up in Europe. Others who are not refugees are taking advantage and also coming into Europe but this is being allowed to happen.

They want a world government, a world central bank, a world army and world currency creating super states which are no longer countries but regions who fall under control of the European union, american union, pacific union.

This has deliberately been allowed to happen to change the face of these European countries to the point of no return. Under the Blair administration they allowed an unlimited number of immigrants for this purpose, mainly from Romania. Even the Daily Mail ran a story on it, ‘Blair’s secret deal on visas.’

The police state (militarised police) currently being created are there to impose, represent, enforce and literally execute the plans of the 1% elite. This does not consist of the “well off” they are under the illusion that nothing will affect them.

The London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Boerse (German Stock Exchange) are now in merger talks stating that both companies would be “creating a leading European-based global markets infrastructure group.”

All of these mergers and acquisitions are not a coincidence. The whole EU was founded  by Germany to keep hold of their riches and stolen riches after WWII and so created the European Economic Community to bring about economic integration.

Regardless of whether or not the UK will remain in the EU, these super states will still go ahead.