#DeleteFacebook the latest trend after Cambridge Analytica acquired information from 50 million Facebook users



Facebook, the California-based company have come under fire as with the hashtag #DeleteFacebook started trending. This came after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica acquired personal data mined from 50 million Facebook users. The data was used by the Trump campaign to target voters during the 2016 US presidential election.


On Friday evening, Facebook posted a statement announcing it was suspending Cambridge Analytica and its British parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories, from its platform after policies had been violated. Aleksandr Kogan a Moldovan-born researcher from Cambridge University passed the data of millions of users, obtained through a personality test app that he developed, to Cambridge and SCL.

Kogan claimed that he was being unfairly blamed for the scandal.

He said: “My view is that I’m being basically used as a scapegoat by both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Honestly we thought we were acting perfectly appropriately. We thought we were doing something that was really normal.”


The company has seen billions of dollars wiped off its market cap, and the hashtag #DeleteFacebook is percolating on Twitter