Conclusion’s Brexit Update

No deal

As talks with the EU continue, it is looking likely that we will leave with ‘No Deal' on Brexit. Remember that A No Deal isn’t exactly a bad thing according to the government. However, we are still not aware of what the deal currently consists of. Here is what we do know.


The EU has withdrawn the UK’s bid for City of culture, which makes sense because how can we have a city of EU culture. What is the EU city of culture? It is a city chosen within the EU to host cultural events and overall represent the EU. The UK has hosted this EU wide event twice, Glasgow (1990) and Liverpool (2008). Due to the UK leaving the EU with this Brexit, they have ruled that the UK cannot enter the bidding to host the event. The bid was for Leeds to hold this event in 2023. This is an important event as it brings tourism, which leads to millions in revenue and temporary jobs.


Also, the original costs of leaving the EU have said to increase, though there was not a fixed amount to begin with. Why does the UK owe the EU money? This is due to contracts and commitments signed previously that may span over a specific amount of time. These contracts and commitments have to be honoured and it is said that the period is between 2014 - 2020. The UK will need to pay these things forward. Meaning that there is not one fixed amount. These things have to be recalculated, and decided if it will be paid in a lump sum or over a period of time.



The Ireland question has been a recent development. Ireland is still in the EU and shares a border with the UK. Now there has been a violent history with the Irish border in the past and that wants to be avoided at all costs. The EU proposes that NI stays in the customs union and that no ‘hard’ border (one that requires passport checks) should exist. The problem is if Theresa May agrees special status for Northern Ireland to remain in a trading union with Ireland it will effectively “move the border” to Belfast. Her fragile Unionist coalition collapses. If the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, fails to win such special status and sees a border installed, his coalition collapses.

Another issue which has been seeing more attention is EU nationals trying to gain UK status. It is reported that millions of EU nationals could apply for UK status within the next two years alone. This is before the UK officially leaves the EU. Some 1,200 officials are being recruited to UK Visas and Immigration to handle an expected 3.5m applications.
To conclude, more and more of the public is asking for a cross part coalition to deal with Brexit. It is now proving to be far more complicated than was thought before the referendum. 

By Leoni Mills