Local football team Clapton Ultras Demand Justice for Edson and Rashan


What is football without its fans or what is considered as controversy? Football has had a reputation for standing up against injustices and racism. In an unexpected turn, The Clapton Ultras have been accused this week of “an unacceptable pattern of behaviour”. This was by by the East London football club who have close links to the Metropolitan Police. The club is situated in Forest Gate, where the people came together in solidarity after the death of Edson Da Costa.

The loss of a family member at the hands of an institution that is supposed to protect the public is an act of "unacceptable behaviour". Clapton Ultras were banned from attending a match on Wednesday night but turned up outside to pledge their solidarity. 


Edson Da Costa a 25 year old young black man died in a high dependency unit. This was six days after being stopped in a car and violently restrained by police and sprayed with CS gas. The family then went on to having to deal with another death in the family. Manuela Araujo, mother of Edson has sadly passed away. Manuela, 42, became unwell after hearing news of the death of Edson.




Rashan Charles was pronounced dead at the Royal London Hospital in East London. An hour after being apprehended by a police officer who subjected Rashan to excessive force. He was ‘held in a choke hold’ allegedly to recover something he had swallowed.This all took place in “Yours Locally” shop in Hackney. According to Scotland Yard, a police officer pursued Rashan on foot after he fled from a car. The officer attempted to stop on Kingsland Road.  CCTV video footage documenting Rashan’s apprehension has been shared all over social media.

Rashan had said he knew Edson when he heard about his death. Only five weeks later, he was to suffer the same fate.


Clapton Ultras recently decided to support both family justice campaigns.  They have pledged to encourage others to affiliate and to have banners remembering Edson and Rashan at future games they attend. "We believe it would be 'unacceptable behaviour' to do anything else".