Anti-Muslim Train Attack in Canada



18 year old Noor Fadel was verbally and physically assaulted by a white assailant who’s agenda for the attack was  fueled by islamophobia.  While on the commute home from work, Noor Fadel was speaking with  a friend on the phone when she noticed someone was saying something.  She did not realize the white male assailant was verbally attacking her until he came up to her making racially charged statements.  Noor Fadel has reported that he said all kinds of vulgar statements to her like “he called me a slut and said all those kinds of words” and “he told me that he’s going to kill me and kill all Muslims.” 


The issue escalated to physical assault as the assailant proceeded to grab her and force her near his crotch area.  He then struck her across the face.  It was not until a man named  Jake Tyler came to her rescue.  He was the only passenger on the train that helped Noor.  Jake Taylor pushed the assailant away from Noor Fadel and made sure he got off at the next stop.  He then escorted Noor off the next stop and stayed with her.  The police eventually found the white male assailant, Pierre Belzan.  Pierre Belzan had then been arrested and charged with one count of threatening to cause bodily harm, and one count of assault.  He may also be charged with sexual assault, although that is not confirmed.


The horrific encounter that Noor Fadel has encountered is unfortunately one of the many attacks Muslim face in any Western country.  Every time an attack on Western soil occurs, the media and society is quick to conclude that attack as carried out by a Muslim.  Regardless if it was or not, society and media do not recognise that Whites have committed countless of domestic terror attacks.  Unfortunately, the media and society never deem such attacks carried out by Whites as a terrorist attack. 


The word ‘terrorist’ is only reserved for coloured people and/or Muslims.  What society and the media do not know is the ability to Google.  Yes, the ability to Google.  They somehow, cannot access and search the truth about Islam and it’s peaceful teachings.  They somehow rather jump to conclusions and promote propaganda about Islam to fuel their incentive to promote war against Islamic Nations.  Instead of coming together, society would rather have an enemy to bond over.  That enemy is always coloured people, Muslims, the LGBT community, and every other minority. The media and society will always continue to clash with Muslims -which will continue to fuel the hate that many white non-Muslims express towards Muslims. 


As mentioned before, Jake Taylor was the only passenger on the train to help Noor Fadel.  Noor Fadel recalls looking at other passengers who simply watched in silence.  How is it that no one else helped?  Did they not help because they felt the same way as her assailant-did they too hate her?  Or, did they feel the same way as Noor-confused and scared?  It’s hard to tell.  It’s also not easy to get involved in a situation such as this one, where the probability to get hurt is high.  However, to end the hate, it is important and necessary to stand up and defend victims such as Noor Fadel against any and all injustices.  The minute we realize there is no need for any enemy, is the minute we can learn how to peacefully coexist.

By Anika Shakir