​Trump: Both sides are to blame?

It’s funny how Trump only cares about equality when it comes to condemnation. 

Last week we all watched in horror as the events in Charlottesville unfolded before our eyes. Whether we watched via traditional news on TV or the TL, it flooded news across the world. Some people were more surprised than others, yet everyone (apart from the Nazis and their supporters) could agree that this was vile and disgusting ‘protest’. 

Though outrage and sympathy poured from politicians to celebrities, the President of the free world remined silent. Of course, people were angry, especially towards Mr twitter fingers himself, a man who tells the TL top government information before his cabinet. While the violence amplified and condemnation came in from all over the world, Trump still remined silent. 

One death, multiple injuries and 48hours later, Trump finally came to give a statement. The world watched as the leader of the ‘free world’ equated violent neo-Nazis to anti-fascist protesters. Trump was accused of being a white supremacist, a neo Nazi and a KKK sympathiser. How dare he equate counter peaceful protests, to literal Nazis who were chanting “white power”. But looking at his background, of course he will deem the counter protests as bad, when they oppose the things he fundamentally believes in. 

I genuinely do not know why people were surprised and expected trump to turn on the white supremacists who supported him and put him in power in the first place. Trump’s father was a member of the KKK and Trump is very proud of it. 

As a child of a KKK member he was brainwashed into thinking that he is superior to others simply because he lacks melanin and has a penis. The same pseudo-scientific racism is what the thousands of neo-Nazis believe to be true. That “blacks are 3/5 human”, the manifest destiny and that whites are the only true Americans who can claim America. 

Trump believes in all of it, he said or alluded to these things during his camping and is even supported by the KKK. In fact, the Trump administration even removed white supremacist groups from the terrorist watch list. The violence in Charlottesville was bound to happen, despite what trump believes there is only one side to blame. Though racism did not start and will not end with Trump. It is clear that Trump empowered them, he supported them and gave them the bravery to come out and ‘protest’.

By Leoni