​Beyoncé on Harvey

A recent hurricane has struck and vicitimized the citizens of Texas. So far, the body count totaled to be around 37 civilians. Homes have been flooded and evacuees have been  seeking shelter. Repeatedly, this has been the worst natural disaster to hit stage US since Hurricane Katrina. 
With the commotion , and heartbreaking chaos, many have pitched in to donate and call on others to donate to the victims. Many celebrities and artists have begun to use their platform to ask people to keep Houston in prayers and to continue to donate money, and resources to those in need.  One of those artists is, of course, Beyoncé. It is well known that she is from

Houston and that she has always used her world-wide platform to speak as a humanitarian. Other artists have also used their platform to raise donations for hurricane Harvey. Yet l, those very same artists have been silent on other issues such as the floods that are happening currently in South Asia or even the ever growing racial tensions and the high number of police brutality cases. 
Let me ask, why do black celebrities slay speak on social matter that are relevant to everyone yet the overwhelming majority of whites chant ‘All Lives Matter’?

Why does it take for a tragedy, such as Hurricane Harvey, to strike for people to start treating people equally? 
The only answer is, people only like to speak on issues that are directly affecting their lives. Perhaps artists won’t unify over issues facing the black community because it has never affected them. Therefore, they would be speaking on something they have no clue about which results in them not being able to sympathize.
It’s important to speak on issues that face not only what you are directly affected by or by a tragedy ignited by a natural disaster, but rather speak of all issues. ‘All lives matter’ when those who use their platform will talk about all issues, including those that the black community face, and not just what they are directly affected by.

By​ Anika Shakir